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Welcome to the Lagom Črnuški Bajer

Welcome to the green neighborhood that, with its architectural design, reflects the Swedish philosophy of a balanced life, known as lagom.Just a stone’s throw from the center of Ljubljana, the Lagom Črnuški Bajer residential complex offers its residents just the right amount of liveliness and comfort. With children’s playgrounds and serviced apartments for the elderly it has something to offer to every generation.

Vas do sanjskega doma loči le en korak?

Za nakup stanovanja v soseski Črnuški bajer lahko izkoristite posebno ponudbo stanovanjskega kredita Nove KBM. Za prve informacije in informativni izračun obiščite spletno stran nkbm.si/stanovanjski-projekti.

Stanovanjski kredit se lahko prilagodi vašim željam in potrebam, zato obiščite strokovnjake v najbližji poslovalnici Nove KBM in pridobite sebi prilagojeno ponudbo.

Damjan Lampič, Vodja poslovalnice Aleja (v nakupovalnem centru Aleja)
Rakuševa ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana
dlampic@nkbm.si, 01/620 30 19, 030/486-474
Delovni čas: ponedeljek - petek: 9.00 - 18.00 in sobota: 9.00 - 12.00

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In the six buildings of the Lagom residential complex, there are 150 apartments in sizes ranging from 30 m2 to 135 m2 with different floor plans and number of rooms. Each apartment has a beautiful loggia, some with an atrium and others with a terrace.

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Sheltered housing

Sheltered in just the right way

Lagom offers as many as 30 one-bedroom or two-bedroom serviced apartments for the elderly who want to enjoy the rest of their lives to the fullest. Take a look at your new home in the embrace of a green neighborhood that offers peace and quite as well as extremely well-organized transport links for your daily trips to the Ljubljana marketplace.

Functional and optimal

The sheltered apartments have a functional floor plan, optimal square footage, wide passages and corridors, an SOS button, common areas for socializing and relaxation, and much more. They prolong the possibility of independent living and encourage healthy physical activity.

Individually and with friends

The sheltered apartments are located in residential building Vårda, on the edge of the neighborhood. The facility is in the immediate vicinity of the Črnuče Home for the Elderly - DEOS, where they offer possibilities such as ordering lunch, participation in organized activities or help with household chores.

Junaki na domu

As part of the sheltered housing, the Junaki na domu program offers various types of home help, intended primarily for the elderly and others, who can no longer take care of themselves or need additional help due to various health problems, disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Explore the program of the Črnuče Home for the Elderly


Just the right amount of nature

The complex offers the highest quality of urban living while being in absolute harmony with nature. The forest of the Rašiški hill contributes to the high quality of air and the hiking trails help the residents stay active every day. While the excellent transport connection between Črnuč and the city center only adds to the many benefits of the residential complex itself.
In natures embrace

Surrounded by the Rašiški hill and an unspoiled nature, Lagom offers many opportunities for spending quality time in the neighborhood. Here you will find Nordic walking routes and cycling paths, an interactive playground, a wooden platform and waterfront footbridges. All of the routes are also adapted for the disabled.

Near the heart of the city

The Lagom neighborhood is located in the immediate vicinity of a kindergarten and an excellent primary school. Just a few blocks away are well-stocked grocery stores, a hair salon, restaurants, a post office, a health center and other emergency infrastructure. While the center of the capital is only a few minutes away by car or city bus.

In line with your lifestyle

The modern exterior design and underground garages ensure that Lagom completely blends in with the surroundings. The thoughtful interior construction ensures that the new neighborhood is in line with all the needs and desires of its residents. Affordable at a friendly price, it is an ideal opportunity for young families and elders wanting a new home in beautiful Ljubljana.


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